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a basic ballast

a basic ballast

How is your fluorescent light acting? If it twinkles, dims, or the bulbs have darkened near the ends, try new tubes.  Always replace all the tubes in a fixture at once… if that doesn’t solve your problem, stop, and call the experts…

Let us replace the old ballast with a new one, and save you over 40% on power consumption, with quieter, longer lasting electronic T-8 tubes and ballast.

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You probably already know all fluorescent lighting fixtures have ballasts, but did you know there are different types of ballasts? And that you can determine, quite easily, whether or not your ballast needs replacing?

First some basic facts:

  •  Ballasts, required in all types of fluorescent lights,  increase voltage to over 200 volts ac, to cause bright illumination in gases when energized by the current induced.
  • Ballasts normally last for years, but electronic types (the newer ones) are sometimes prone to damage by surges and spikes or lightning pulses from nearby storms.  We can install a device in your home called a whole house surge protector which protects against this damage… (click: surge-protectors-and-lightning-protection-systems  for more about whole house surge protectors).
  • Your ballast can be adversely affected by leaving old blackened bulbs in the fixture for extended periods of time.
  • You can easily choose to upgrade to a modern electronic ballast and T-8 tubes, and if you do it when the ballast is replaced, the extra cost is minimal, and the savings are fantastic!
  • Due to the high voltage present, fluorescent fixtures should only be serviced by licensed, qualified electricians.electronic ballasts save energy
  • First, have new tubes (which match your fixture) installed right away when your fluorescent light doesn’t work correctly. If that doesn’t fix it, or you’re not sure which type of tubes to purchase, call your licensed electrical contractor to schedule a visit.

Call Solutions electric at: 301-879-8788 to schedule a visit from the Washington DC area’s number one electrical service company and get a new electronic ballast installed in your fluorescent fixture and we’ll give you free tubes for the fixture!! That’s even more savings for you…